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Individuals who join forces with the U S Grant Trail can look forward to keeping up to date on the nation’s commemoration of Ulysses Grant’s life and legacy, for the upcoming bicentennial and beyond. Also, for those who would follow Grant’s footsteps, join us in order to tap into travel tips and information. An individual membership is not for the casual observer of Civil War history, or of Grant’s Presidency, but rather it aims to engage you in the literature of the Civil War and in emerging scholarship that is bringing new light and nuance to the study of Ulysses Grant.

For municipalities, businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations, see below for your opportunities to collaborate with the U. S. Grant Trail.

This is the schedule for annual dues for individuals:

Sustaining Member: $75.00

Individuals joining at this level are entitled to a premium welcoming gift at the time of first enrollment, and while maintaining this membership, access to selected on-line original content. In addition, the National Association is developing partnerships that will offer admission discounts for museums and historic sites along the trail. Sustaining members enjoy all the benefits of standard adult membership, as well.

Standard adult dues: $45.00


Seniors (65+): $25.00

For those over 65 who join at this level, receive the same benefits that apply to a Standard membership, except a welcoming gift. Sustaining or Standard adult members may convert to this level at any time after reaching the age of 65.

Student or Junior Explorer: $20.00

Available to all aged 18 or younger, or older if enrolled in a college undergraduate program. The student he same benefits as the Senior membership, except at this level, students will have access to on-line original content.

A note about taxes:

Individual dues is tax deductible to the extent that the dues exceeds anything of value received in exchange for the payment of dues. When you first join our team as an individual member, you will be permitted to choose from among welcoming gifts that have value that are disclosed when you join. any individuals and families today, those who do not itemize deductions, take advantage of a higher standard deduction, including charitable donations. Please consult a tax professional in case of doubt. If you do not plan to deduct dues, your choices are simpler.

You will have the choice also to forego your welcoming gift, in which case your dues will work that much harder to achieve the goals of the US Grant Trail

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How to Join

Cities and Counties

Cities and other local government have played a part in the U. S. Grant Trail for years. Take Paducah, Kentucky for one example, and Mexico, Missouri (pictured) as a second. Ulysses Grant visited both places in the course of two months in 1861.